Touch and Catch Santa


New Year's Day, how long they are waiting for everything in this world. Legendary donor gifts is cheerful Santa Claus in the game Touch and Catch Being Santa we will get acquainted with him. That's grandpa loved kids around the world and its main task is to give them gifts that they are waiting for. Each year, our hero is preparing to one day. Today, we are with you will help him in this. We will go with you in the magic forest, where the tree grows from a fall a variety of toys. Our grandfather would have to work hard, he will run his legs around the tree and catch the toy, they will mature and emerge on the tree and fall down. The most important thing is not to give not one of them fall to the ground, because if that happens then one of the kids did not get a gift, and you do the number of penalty points. So you have to show skill and care that would catch them all, as with each level the speed of emergence and fall of toys to increase. Movement of the character controlled by the arrows,"left, right"with the keys on the keyboard. Game Touch and Catch Being Santa is quite simple in its scenario, but it gives it a flavor and gives the opportunity to plunge into the festive atmosphere that will help you experience the holiday of the New Year. And also help brighten up your leisure time. Install the game on one of your devices. Or just play on the Internet, and help my grandfather to collect and donate toys to children.

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