Toilet Roll


Here is a rather peculiar and interesting game Toilet Roll, which is pretty funny game scenario. Have you ever dabbled with toilet paper? Today, thanks to this game you had the chance, and you'll have fun! Imagine that you are naughty small school and conceived another leprosy in the toilet for teachers. Its meaning lies in the fact that all would steal toilet paper from all booths and certainly do not fall for it. So she ran into the school toilet, you'll quickly wind off the paper from the rolls while the top is ticking timer on time. For each unwound roll you will be given points. Time spent unwinding will also be taken into account in the calculation of points, so do everything pretty quickly. If you do it right it will pass the round and the game will be able to move into the new booth. Control of the game comes with the mouse clicks or finger across the touch phone. We are sure that you will cope with all tasks and become the champion of the unwinding of rolls of toilet paper. Game Toilet Roll is quite funny and entertaining and is designed for players of any age. We are confident that a simple atmosphere and funny plot will tighten you with his head, and you will spend time having fun. Just open the game Toilet Roll on our website and enjoy the game.

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