Here Unite game from Softgames company combines all the best of games named tag people. But it went on to the writers and the most complicated process you pass. Before you will be playing field on which the game will be at the beginning of chips with numbers. At the bottom will appear the same objects with the numbers, the location of which can be arbitrarily changed. Your job on the playing field to put the chips with the same numbers in a row. For this you will earn points. But the highlight is that a number of combinations in the figures will not disappear. They are joined in one and get the next number to increase, that is, if you have connected for example three numbers, you get a figure four. Bonus chips is obtained when you combine items with numbers six. With each level the difficulty will increase and you will have a very strong strain your intellect that would go to the next level. All actions with objects in the game are made with the mouse. Unite game falls into the category of puzzles. And thanks to the well thought-out gameplay, beautiful graphics and calm musical accompaniment like many players, fans of this genre. Download and install the game Unite to your favorite device and dive into the fascinating world of puzzles and puzzles. You can also take part in the tournament for the title of best player, but for this you need to play on the internet and pass the minimum registered on the site. This will give you the opportunity to not only compete with other players, but also invite their friends to join you. Enjoy the game and pastime.

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