Spa Salon


Before us is a new exciting game Spa Salon -known company that develops sensory games. Today, the writers decided to present a huge surprise for the girls, because this game is designed specifically for them. Our main character, Jane is very big fashionista and very used to care for themselves. A lot of time it pays to care for themselves and visited by many beauty salons and spas. How then walking around the city she saw an advertisement for a new institution of this kind and decided to visit it. Are you the owner of this place and now it is you have to meet all the needs of the client so scrupulous. You have to spend time with her all the procedures that has your salon, but remember that you are fighting not only for the quality of services provided, but also you need to keep within a certain time allotted for this procedure. If you can not do that, then Jane will be greatly pleased with your institution and make such anti-advertising that is not a wealthy woman of fashion and this town will not come to you. So be very collected, and do it quickly. character and action is controlled with the mouse. Game Spa Salon is designed for female players category and has very beautifully drawn graphics and music in the actions that registered writers. Not one girl will not remain indifferent when playing this game. Download the app Spa Salon on your favorite Soup to be able to play at any time. If you want to show how cool you are a fashionista, then play online. To do this, simply go Registration. This will give you the opportunity shares his impressions of the game and invite to play in the Spa Salon your girlfriends and friends. Compete for the title of the best owner of the salon with the other players.

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