Pet Connect 2


The animal world welcomes you with cute little animals in the game Pet connect 2 online. Go through three stages of the training level, it will explain to you exhaustively with vivid examples how to act, and then transfer you to a large playing field, where a whole bunch of birds, animals, reptiles and other living creatures are already waiting for you. Connect pairs of identical tigers, lions, parrots, turtles and other living creatures until the field is completely free. Please note that only those that are nearby will disappear or you can connect a line with three right angles. The levels are different, just be careful and you will succeed. There are twelve levels in total, each with three wand-shaped clues on the left vertical panel. Touch the field with it and it will show the pair you are looking for. Keep an eye on the time, because it is limited, and if you do not have time to clear the field completely before it expires, then the level will not be counted for you. Start playing Pet connect 2 play right now and have a lot of fun with the process.

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