2020 Connect


Today we bring you an interesting puzzle game 2020 Connect. We are confident that players of all ages who love to solve various math problems and puzzles. Rules of the game are quite simple. Before us is the playing field is divided into cells. They will be randomly diamonds inscribed with a specific color in their figures. Our next task is to collect four identical rhombus with the same numerals. Once we do that, they will disappear from the screen and it will give us for glasses. But disappearing these items add up to a diamond with a number equal to the sum of the numbers of the four subjects. For example, we have collected a number of four and eight when they fall we get a diamond with number thirty-two. Also remember that if the line is blocked you can not make a move. Just making a wrong move, we obtain for arbitrary diamonds with numbers. Puzzle is very complicated, but at the same time quite interesting. So try to solve it and to pass through. Game Connect 2020 is quite complicated and it just attracts players to it, we are sure that you will have to taste it. So it's safe to open the 2020 Connect to our site and dive into the fascinating process of solving this puzzle.

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