Pudding Land 2


It is time for pudding, jelly and little men decided to take a trip to Pudding Land 2 game. You need to find and collect them, or gala dinner without honorary dishes will not take place. Go after the colorful kids, you can visit a lot of different sweet villages and towns, as long as you move, collect funny creatures, completing the level challenges. Cute candy not refuse to go back and decorate a pudding, but they want you to be well rested and had fun with them, and for one and solved the puzzle. Look for groups of three or more identical items on the field and remove them. If you see among a group of striped candy, activate it, it will explode and remove entire rows and columns of colored sweets. The game Pudding Land 2, you will need your attention, and the ability to quickly find the objects among the motley variety. Moving through the lands of the kingdom of magic pudding, look into the realm of cookies and stock up a couple dozen delicious gingerbread. In a magical forest you will meet red jelly bears, and in the village of wafer fed delicious waffles with aromatic stuffing. Gathering the necessary elements Hurry, pudding does not like to wait, and the feast too. In the upper left corner you will see a timer, try not to lose the gold stars, they will be useful to buy a variety of tools that will accelerate the collection of the right sweets. You will enjoy the game Pudding Land 2, it is not necessary for small, even for adults will be interesting to play in it, opened on any device capable to connect to the Internet and giving time for the cheerful holiday. Bright cute characters, fun music and simple plot will win your attention, bringing a lot of fun.

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