Fly with Rope 2


Do you like parkour and jumping? Then the game Fly with Rope 2 - what you need. In it you will become clever ninja who must overcome various distances. This should be done so as not to touch the ground. In this you certainly will help the rope? with which you can cling to buildings and other objects in the air. To control its rope you need to use a computer mouse, which clicks you will cling to and disengaged from the buildings. This should be done at the right time to make our black people in the game Flying with rope 2 flew forward, not down. If still you touch the ground, it smashed into smaller pieces and passing have to start from the beginning. To complete this task will have a good try and fly a long distance, while your stikmen ninja crosses the pink wall, which would mean the job. After that, you can immediately proceed to the next track in overcoming Fly with Rope 2 game where you have to more often use different objects to move through the air. Try not to get lost in the air and do not rush, you can always make a few turns on the rope in order to consider his next move and make it sure to rope has not turned out too long, because it will lead to what you get at the land and perish. Game Flying on the rope 2 - a very dynamic and will keep you in suspense throughout the game process, be it on a PC, mobile phone or tablet.

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