Deltarune Chapter 2 Coming To Nintendo Switch Today For Free


Deltarune Chapter 2 is coming to Nintendo Switch today for free. The second chapter of Toby Fox's new game was released on PC on September 17 after getting a surprise announcement a few days prior. Deltarune Chapter 1 was already available on Nintendo Switch, so now both available chapters can be played on Switch. Deltarune Chapter 2 will be bundled together with Chapter 1 as a free update to the game today.

Deltarune Chapter 1 came to Nintendo Switch back in 2019 and Fox has been working to complete the rest of the game since. With the announcement and release of Deltarune Chapter 2, Fox revealed that the rest of the adventure game would be released all at once and would not be free.

Undertale, Fox's first game and the precursor to Deltarune, was incredibly well-received, with GameSpot giving it a 9/10. Critic Tyler Hicks wrote, "Without spoiling the many ways it will screw with your expectations, it isn't possible to truly capture how wonderful Undertale is. You wouldn't know it with a passing glance, but it's one of the most progressive and innovative RPGs to come in a long time, breaking down tradition for the sake of invention, with great success."

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